Tips on getting your life on track

It happened to us all or surely will and we sit thinking of success or what we would like to become one day but we end up not actually doing what we had planned.

Perhaps it was the vacations fault, friends party just got you side tracked or maybe it was that weekend binge of junk food instead of following your diet religiously.

At one moment I was on top of my game and next thing I suddenly was in this rut. It can take me a day, a week or I had a moment where it took me months but eventually I had to be motivated and remind myself that there is reason as to WHY I had that goal or target to reach. That WHY served me a purpose and got me to where I wanted to be.

At times we need the break and it helps the body heal, heal from all the stress we encounter on a day to day basis and we just have so much happening all at once.

Here is what I done to get going again and sticking on the right path that I created.

The first test to the day

Starting your day off early made me more productive as the day goes along. I have read alot on how the navy seals wake up at 4:30 in the morning

So I tried getting up extra early and at the start it was painful getting out of that warm bed but getting up early eventually became a habit and I if I don’t get up in time, I would often feel sluggish if my morning routine and it doesn’t turn out the way it should.

I got more things done in the day. Starting ahead of everyone else and getting things on your to do list done made me more productive.

Set Goals

Having the feeling of accomplishment is a great feeling and pushing yourself to succeed in these challenges will not only make you grow but you become wiser as you learn so many things in your way. Not getting things done on time and procrastinating just creates more weight to carry.

Your goals need to be defined and sometimes we need that time alone to to reflect on what you actually need. We always so busy that we do not even bother thinking of what is best for us.

Set time a side in a quiet room and write down your short term goals and long term goals. Once accomplished give yourself a treat but if not accomplished, get someone to hold you accountable for it. Accountability is great when you need that push out of laziness but also keep in mind we need to realize that you need goals that you can control.

Be more active

Pick an activity that appeals to you, since you’re more likely to keep to an exercise plan if you like it.

You are not limited to sport and structured exercise programs. Go for a brisk walk instead of the car or throw a Frisbee at the park and if you make it enjoyable, you would tend to stay with this new habit.

If you find yourself getting bored then explore more activities. Be active.

Be more Organized

From planning things, jotting things down, to ditching the unnecessary and organizing things that matter, you will become an organized person.

I find that writing things down, avoids you from forgetting important things such as birthdays for example. You will only further complicate your life by trying to contain important dates and reminders in your head.

We all have different ways of being organized but we have to choose a tool and stick to it. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Stuff does not stay organized on its own; it needs to be reorganized continuously and consistently.

Make sure you find time every week or more to organize your things.

Surrounding yourself in a positive environment

Whether it is surrounding yourself with positive people, uplifting music or reading a inspirational book, we need to get that self-limiting inner voice or pessimistic thinking out of the way. It might not even be yourself, it could be a family member or friend that is always getting you down and always creating negativity being around them.

Creating a positive environment not only reduces stress and tension but I once heard of a saying, “Bad company corrupts good character.”

Exhaustion is a silent killer. Learn to take a break when things get overwhelming. Do something that gives your mind a break or whatever challenge you’re facing that could mean maybe taking a nap/going for a stroll/going to the gym/going for a swim. The minute you take a small break, you’re automatically rewired into being more energetic and positive. The whole process becomes easier. 


Just remember that you control your life. Whatever you planning, make them work for YOU.

After all there as so many ways of getting you back on track and one fit for everyone – so use what works, but make it for the best of you.

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