Do you have a Aloe Vera Plant at home?

For as long as I can remember, my mom always had an aloe plant in the kitchen.  I’ve never really took note of this plant until I had a insect on my hand.  She broke off the tip of one of the aloe leaves and squeezed the gel over the wound.  It was immediately soothed, and I was in amazement.  A plant that had just saved my hand! Sunburnt? Use Aloe Vera gel. Burnt finger on the stove? Use Aloe Vera gel.

If you’re a one-solution-to-many-problems type of person, you might want to think about growing some aloe vera in your backyard. The succulent plant is nothing short of a miracle worker.

I’ve learned more about aloe vera’s many healing and beautifying qualities and I’m excited to share with you some reasons as to why you need to have an aloe vera plant in your home.

It Can Clear Up Your Skin

Struggling with acne? Rub some aloe vera gel on your skin. Thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of the plant, it’s an effective way to keep your skin clear and hydrated.

Acne products made with aloe may be less irritating to the skin than traditional acne treatments. It’s also been used to treat psoriasis.

A simple base to start with is one tablespoon aloe, one teaspoon almond milk, and one teaspoon lemon juice.  Mix it all together and create a paste and let it sit for a few minutes then rinse it off.  

If you want to experiment with fragrances, you could add soothing lavender or Turmeric essential oil.  Need a hydrating boost?  Add some coconut oil.  The possibilities are endless, here are some more ingredients.

1. Aloe vera for dry skin –Take some aloe vera, a pinch of turmeric, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of milk and a few drops of rose water. Blend this mix till you get a paste. Apply it and leave in for about 20 minutes or so.

2. Aloe vera scrub – Grab half a cup of fresh aloe vera gel, a cup of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice. The sugar will help exfoliate and scrub off dead skin, the aloe vera will deep clean the skin and the lemon will help fade out scars and tan. Stir the three ingredients together and use it to scrub both face and body.


3. Aloe vera for acne – Take some aloe vera gel, blended walnuts with a flour like consistency and honey. Aloe vera’s healing properties coupled with the anti oxidents  from honey will leave you with smooth and clear skin.

4. Aloe vera for sensitive skin – Grab some aloe vera gel, cucumber juice, yogurt and rose oil and blend them to a paste. Apply and leave for around 20 minutes, then rinse it off.

Fresh Breath

Most people only think of the external treatments of aloe, but it has a ton of benefits for internal use aswell.  

You’re brushing twice a day and yet you’re still developing cavities and bad breath. Aloe has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe acid in your stomach that can be a leading culprit of bad breath.

Add an extra layer of defense by using tooth gels with Aloe Vera. You can also mix it up with apple juice if you want to add a little flavor to the aloe.   Because it’s a natural ingredient, its effects are less-harsh, making it ideal for those with sensitive teeth and gums.

Moisturize your hair

Spending all day on the beach is such a great feeling, but it’s not so great for your hair. Exposure to the sun and sea salt can dry your hair out.

Hair care professionals recommend aloe vera if you have: oily hair, brittle, dry, or damaged hair, curly hair, natural hair.

Aloe vera contains a proteolytic enzyme which can repair dead skin cells on the scalp. It also encourage hair growth, leaves your hair shiny and prevents itchiness on your scalp.

Keep your hair moisturized this summer by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner infused with aloe vera.



Due to Aloe Vera’s soothing, moisturizing, and cooling properties, It is often used to treat burns.

If you have a sunburn or any other mild burn, apply it to the area a few times a day. Not only would it help soothe the area but will prevent the peeling and itch generally associated with sunburn.

If you have a severe burn, seek medical help before applying aloe.

Treating burns and rashes is one of the main reasons that people keep an aloe plant hanging around their house, but there are so many other things that aloe can do. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are easy to take care of.  All they need is a little water, a little sunshine, and they will provide you with endless health benefits beyond soothing your burns or having that clear skin.