5 Foods Every Dieter Should Include

Dieting isn’t all about eating less and sacrificing. In fact, a really good diet should actually be all about eating great foods that promote weight loss. Here are 5 fantastic foods that should be included in your diet. Apples I believe the saying is “an apple a day” but change that to 3 apples a… Continue reading 5 Foods Every Dieter Should Include

Does Water Expire?

We drink water every day, both tap water and bottled one. But still, every now and then you find a hidden bottle of water sitting around for who-knows-how-long. That’s when we ask, does bottled water go bad? You may have noticed an expiration date printed on the packaging. Currently, most types of bottled water manufactured… Continue reading Does Water Expire?

12 Tips To Drop A Dress Size

Dropping a dress size in a week is possible but ultimately, if you want to keep the weight off, you’ll need to make long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle. Being able to fit into a new dress or that skirt you’ve stashed away in the closet, gives you a realistic picture of what’s going… Continue reading 12 Tips To Drop A Dress Size

Weight Loss Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the most common weight loss questions and find how to make a weight loss plan that best suits you. Which carbs should you avoid to lose weight? To lose weight, you should avoid carbs from processed foods. Even though the low carbohydrate diets are popular, your body needs this… Continue reading Weight Loss Frequently Asked Questions

3 Simplified Ways To Losing Belly Fat

Belly fat is not just a problem because it can look bad. Everyone has some belly fat, even people who have flat abs. That’s normal. But too much belly fat can affect your health in a way that other fat doesn’t. In fact, having lots of fat in the abdominal area is strongly linked to… Continue reading 3 Simplified Ways To Losing Belly Fat

Is it Healthy to Eat Grilled Foods?

Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to cook and there are some important health benefits to grilling your food versus cooking it in the oven or on top of the stove. Although it is considered a healthful choice but at the same time, you may have heard that grilled foods increase the risk for… Continue reading Is it Healthy to Eat Grilled Foods?

Healthy Swaps for Everyday Food and Drinks

Your first step is to eat fewer foods high in calories, fat, salt and sugars and swap them for something healthier, including more fruit and vegetables. Making small changes such to your diet is the healthiest and most achievable way to lose weight. Here are a few more healthy swaps for everyday food and drinks.… Continue reading Healthy Swaps for Everyday Food and Drinks

7 Tricks to Make a Healthy Smoothie

When done correctly, smoothies are packed with nutrients that can pump you full of healthy fruits and veg. The amount of nutrients you can pack into a smoothie is practically limitless because of the amount of healthy ingredients to choose from. However, if done wrongly, they can add on to your waistline with excess sugar,… Continue reading 7 Tricks to Make a Healthy Smoothie

Peanut Butter for Weight Loss

As most would know peanut butter is an excellent source of protein and nutrition but some actually decide not to include them in their weight-loss diet plan. While peanut butter has many health benefits, many dieters avoid it because of the increase of calories and fat in someone’s diet, as well as the sweeteners added… Continue reading Peanut Butter for Weight Loss

Best And Worst Advice for Newbie Joggers

Have you ever decided to involve Jogging into your health routine? Nothing new but most would know the benefits of regular jogging and how much it can impact you. Jogging or running for 30-40 minutes, 3 times a week can be a great way to start building stamina and muscle while losing fat. At times… Continue reading Best And Worst Advice for Newbie Joggers